Kerry Express wins Thailand’s No.1 Brand for 4th consecutive year by a landslide, proving its flawless superiority and national leadership on its cheap but quality services

23 Jul 2021

Kerry Express is delighted to win the No. 1 Brand Thailand Award in the delivery/logistics category for the 4th consecutive year with its score way above competitors proving its best services in all regions of Thailand. Demonstrating its cheap but quality services which win the heart of online sellers, Kerry Express continuously introduces promotions with prolonged discounts to expand its customer base while further improving its services based on the “Kerry Express Everywhere” strategy to guarantee that customers can send their parcels to every area in the country through Kerry Express.

Mr. Alex Ng, Chief Executive Officer of Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited (KEX), said the company won the “Marketeer No. 1 Brand Thailand 2020-2021” Award in the delivery/logistics category for the 4th consecutive year among rankings announced by the Marketeer Magazine based on consumers’ votes. Kerry Express scored 63.8% while the first runner-up had 19.1%. Kerry Express outperformed competitors in all regions of Thailand and proves the superiority of its “cheap but quality” services that refer to its high service quality and cheap delivery fees which have won the heart of nationwide customers.

“I am thankful for consumers throughout the country and the Marketeer Magazine for the trust and votes for the No. 1 Brand Thailand Award for Kerry this year. Everyone at Kerry Express is extremely proud. We have always attached great importance to keeping promises and we are committed to the continued development of our operating mechanisms, technology and customer relations to improve our service quality and provide our customers with the best parcel delivery experiences,” Mr. Alex said.

The company intends to enter the economy market and thus has implemented a pricing strategy to attract general customers or the C2C group, especially online sellers whose number is growing. It has reduced parcel delivery fees and kept introducing promotions and increasing privileges for customers, especially those who are the members of the Kerry Express Loyalty Club and can accumulate and use Kerry Points to claim delivery fee discounts and privileges at leading stores nationwide.

From now on, Kerry Express will offer more promotions and privileges to not only the customers who are the club members but also general customers to emphasize the “cheap but quality” strength of the Kerry Express brand. Besides, this will help the customers of Kerry Express save their costs amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

“We do want to tell our customers that Kerry Express is the brand of cheap and quality services. Today our parcel delivery fees are not different from our competitors’ but our service is and gives us the competitive edge in all areas. And this is the reason why customers use us,” Mr. Alex said.

Kerry Express has strengths in all aspects of service quality including deliveries, swiftness, responsibility and the service mind of staff. Therefore, the company is confident that it will remain as the leader in the express delivery business in the eyes of consumers in a secure and sustainable manner.

Mr. Alex added that Kerry Express succeeded in improving its services and access to all Thai people in every area according to its concept of “Kerry Express Everywhere”. This assures that customers, no matter where they are, can use Kerry Express to send their parcels swiftly. The promise is based on its continued increase in branches nationwide and responds to the changing behaviors of consumers. For example, it is expanding its service points to better distribute parcels. It is doing its best to decentralize deliveries to support the growth of e-commerce, social commerce and online trade.

Established in 2006, Kerry Express, the leading express delivery service company in Thailand, now has more than 15,000 service points and over 1,000 distribution centers throughout the country and is capable of handling 1.9 million parcels per day. It uses more than 20,000 vehicles to quickly deliver parcels to customers. The mission of Kerry Express is to send happiness through the parcels that reach recipients rapidly and safely. It supports the growth of e-commerce, social commerce, retail and wholesale which are among the engines that drive the Thai economy.