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Bangkok Sameday is officially launching in Bangkok

You may be very familiar with different kinds of DEL: AM, ND, 2D, 3D…  But do you know Kerry Express now has Same Day delivery in Bangkok area now?

A new service from Kerry Express called “Bangkok Sameday” (BSD) was officially launched in September.  This helps Kerry Express to expand our customer base and improve our brand image in order to become the best courier service solution in Asia. We achieve this through provide a Same Day Delivery Service with the best service and excellent manner which covers downtown Bangkok area. 

Bangkok Sameday and Service Master
To book the service, the customer can either call the hotline, book through the mobile application “Kerry Express” or simply grab our staff directly.
Upon receiving the order, the staff will pick up parcels in the morning, go back to the hub before 1pm for sorting, and deliver parcels to end-customers in the afternoon of the same day.  BSD staff, renamed as Service Masters, are not ordinary couriers.  They are also responsible for marketing and promoting our brand to new customers in their service areas and get business from them.
The Service Masters had been undergone an intensive training course “Boot Camp”, which is a special camping for military, before starting their jobs. The training course not only included their work process and job responsibility, but also covered the service mind, appropriate manner, style and personality coaching and strong discipline. Furthermore, they also have an on-the-job training during their normal work situation.

The hub of Bangkok Sameday is located in Rong Muang.  Despite of its small size, it serves as a multi-functional center - DC, headquarters, and call center. 
Update 28.02.2016