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Sending Mom Your Love on Mother’s Day

Sending Mom Your Love on Mother’s Day - Bangkok Sameday has promoted its excellent same-day delivery service by parade bike mob. This event was led by Thanakorn Sukkaseam, Senior Manager at Bangkok Sameday with a group of Kerry Boy & Kerry Girl. This bike parade went through Baromrajchonnee Road from Sathorn Road - Aksa Road - Sampeng 2 for a 80KM also handed out the jasmine flower and mother’s day card to the passerby. Including marketing activity at Wat Chai Chimplee Market and Sanamluang 2 which considered to be a truly memorable moments for people around the neighbourhood.

Today, Bangkok Sameday is one of leading same-day delivery service by taken customer to a new level of convenience. Just stay home and call for pickup before 11AM then Bangkok Sameday Service Master will go pick up your parcels and simply take care of everything. Start from 60 baht and your parcels will be delivered within a day. Call 1217 and experience the quality of same-day delivery service by Kerry Express.
Update 30.08.2018