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Kerry Express opened its 10,000th service locations and handled 2,000,000 parcels in a day

Alex Ng, CEO of Kerry Express, revealed that their number of service locations was doubled in merely six months in 2019 despite very weak consumer sentiment and economy in Thailand.  “We keep a very fast pace of expanding our network, recruiting better people and maintaining the country’s best service level.  We are looking very long term,” he said. 
Kerry Express is already preparing its capacity for the next three years, to ensure they are well-positioned to ride on the continuous e-commerce boom as well as the growth from other business sectors. “Kerry Express is very serious about service quality, and quality comes with long-term planning.  Our people are already looking into 2021-22.” says chief executive Alex Ng.
Kerry Express also pioneered a lot of innovations:  In 2006, Kerry Express launched the country’s first cash-on-delivery (COD) service; today, they are the biggest money collector in Thailand.  In 2015, they were the first to launch same-day delivery service in Bangkok.  Last year, the company started to accept PromptPay-on-delivery while parcels are sent to households.
Kerry Express operates more than 10,000 service locations in Thailand, employs more than 22,000 full-time staff and runs a fleet of more than 20,000 vehicles across 1,300 distribution centres.

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Update 20.08.2019