Skyrocketing Fruit Delivery Volume Sends Kerry Express on Cloud Nine This Fruit Season Together with Brand New Parcel Packaging

6 Jul 2022

Skyrocketing Fruit Delivery Volume Sends Kerry Express on Cloud Nine This Fruit Season Together with Brand New Parcel Packaging with Extra Thickness, Durability, and Excellent Ventilation to Deliver Fresh And Tasty Produce Safely At the Final Destinations

Joining Forces with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to Give a 10% Discount to Farmers with GreenBooks

Bangkok (6 July 2022) Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery provider, invites you to grab the seasonal deals before it’s gone; purchase fruits from Thai farmers and have them delivered right to your doorsteps by Kerry Express. With our next-day delivery and new packaging that are custom-designed for a variety of fresh fruits, we guarantee that you will experience the on-season delight straight from the farms — preserved for freshness, aroma, texture, and taste without bruised or overripe produce.

Kerry Express prides itself as the only player in the market to offer fruit shipping solutions covering every corner of Thailand while enjoying a streak of hikes in fruit delivery volume since the beginning of this fruit season and overwhelming trust from merchants across the country since 2021, especially fruit growers who sell their produce via online channels.. In 2021, the total amount of the fruit delivery volume consisted of Northern Thailand accounting for 41% with oranges and lychees as the most shipped fruits; and Eastern Thailand and Southern Thailand accounting for 26% and 12% respectively — with durian at the first rank. Durian recorded the highest delivery volume among all regions last year.

This tremendous success lies in Kerry Express’s relentless dedication in delivery and its quality management strategies that are led by three strengths: Next-Day Guarantee, Nationwide Coverage, and Committed Date of Delivery. These strengths has made the services convenient, fast, safe, worry-free, and cost-efficient for both senders and receivers while allowing Kerry Express to offer farm-fresh experiences, meeting the needs of all customers. All these are to assure that its customers can keep sending happiness non-stop while growing their businesses uninterrupted, no matter what business sizes they are, whether SMEs, e-commerce, or social commerce.

For this fruit season, Kerry Express would like to act as a medium that connects farmers and customers all over Thailand, delivering everyone’s all-time favourite fruits, such as durian, mangosteen, longan, rambutan, and salak, directly from sellers to buyers throughout this festival. At Kerry Express, every fruit shipment is carefully packed in the newly designed boxes that are 5 mm. thick, durable, and perforated with small holes for ventilation to prevent the fruits from moisture, shock, and overripening on delivery before reaching receivers. Sending fruits with Kerry Express is easy with just a few steps: choose the suitable size of the box, carefully wrap the fruits to avoid bruising, avoid packing different kinds of fruits together and leaving space in the box, firmly close the box, and specify details before sending. You can also ask our staff for advice, at any of our service points of over 31,000 across the country, who are there to ensure your receivers receive their fruits with a smile on their faces.

Kerry Express recently joined forces with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to give away 10% Discount on Delivery for farmers who show their GreenBooks at our service points to help them deliver farm-fresh and intact fruits all year round. In addition, Kerry Express launched a special Free Kilograms promotion, making the deals even more worthwhile than before. For more details, please refer to the branches near you.