Locker Service

Collect and send your parcels 24/7
all around Bangkok metropolitan area.

Benefits of Locker Service



Collect and send parcel/s 24/7
with no additional charge
Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Integrated verification system with
much needed safety to collect
and send parcels securely plus
payment convenience via QR code
scan at the locker
No. 1 Trusted Brand

No. 1 Trusted Brand

No.1 logistic company in Thailand*

Locker Service provided by Kerry Express

Hibox Locker

A smart storage solution with integrated technology to
enhance parcel delivery experience, making it more
convenient and safer than ever.
Width x Length x Height
S34 cm x 45 cm x 8 cm1 kg
M34 cm x 45 cm x 19 cm3 kg
L34 cm x 45 cm x 29 cm5 kg
  • Maximum weight 5 kg.
  • 1 compartment can fit only 1 parcel box.**

How to send parcel/s from
Kerry Express Parcel Shop

to Hibox Locker


Send parcel/s
at Kerry Express
Parcel Shop


Inform staff to ‘send
parcel/s to Hibox Locker’

With the specific location you wish
to send to

Make a payment

How to collect parcel/s at Hibox Locker


Inform the sender to send
parcel/s to Locker

With the specific location you wish to
send to

Receive the code via

When the parcel/s arrive at the
locker, you will receive the SMS
with the code.

Use the code to open
the locker

Use the code that you receive via
SMS to collect your parcel/s

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the delivery fee different from sending via Kerry Express Parcel Shop?

The cost is the same as Kerry Express Parcel Shop with no additional charge.

Is the Locker Service delivery period different from Kerry Express normal service?

The delivery period is the same as sending with Kerry Express normal service.

When is the cut off time for the Locker Service to be delivered?

Cut off time is 2pm, once daily.

How many parcels can fit into one compartment?

One compartment can only fit one parcel box.

How can I pay for Locker Service?

You can scan the QR code and make a payment at the locker provided on screen.

Where can I track my parcel?

You can track your parcel on Kerry Express App or Kerry Express Website. Please allow time for parcel tracking system to be updated accordingly.

If I did not receive an SMS code / If I forgot the code / If I have a problem with the locker, what should I do?

Please contact Hibox Call Centre at 02-021-0456.

If I do not pick up parcel/s within 72 hours, what will happen to the parcel/s?

The parcel/s will be returned to the originated branch.

If I choose to collect parcel/s at the locker, but the parcel/s have not arrived, what should I do?

Please contact Kerry Express Call Centre at 1217.