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EasyShip Platform - An all-in-one parcel management system that is designed to assist your business.
An intuitive and easy-to-use parcel management platform that helps summarise, organise and track your parcels for free.

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    EasyShip - The Parcel Management Platform You Need

    A faster and more convenient way to manage your parcels.

    With Kerry Express’ free Easyship platform, you will be able to keep track of your parcels everywhere, any time.

    Easy 5-steps to send parcels in EasyShip


    Register your KERRY EXPRESS LOYALTY CLUB account

    Register a free KERRY EXPRESS LOYALTY CLUB account via Kerry Express sign up page, or log-in with your KERRY EXPRESS LOYALTY CLUB account.

    Fill in recipient information

    Once logged in, go to ‘Ship’ and select ‘Ship at Shop’, then key-in or import your recipient’s information.
    If you are an existing Kerry Express member, you can also choose your recipient information from your past record.

    Print parcel label

    After completing Step 2, you can print out the labels and attach them to each parcel.

    Drop your parcel off at Kerry Express

    You can choose to drop parcels off at Kerry Express Parcel Shops or request for a pick-up via our Kerry Application (or call Centre 1217).

    Track and trace

    Customers can trace their shipment status via the EasyShip report.

    Start Delivering Parcels Today

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is EasyShip?

    EasyShip is a parcel management system that handles parcels for online-sellers. EasyShip is built to bring convenience for you and acts as an alternative solution to those who want to manage their parcels at home, thus reducing processing time.

    How can I use the EasyShip Platform?

    You can access the EasyShip platform by registering as a KERRY CLUB member. Or, if you already have an account, you can login with your phone number or scan a QR Code.

    What are EasyShip’s functions?

    EasyShip Functions:
    • Create Parcel Information
    • Print Pre-Labelling
    • Request a Parcel Pick Up
    • Seller Summary Dashboard (Weekly/Monthly)
    • Seller Shipment Statistics
    • Shipment Reports
    • COD Summary Dashboard and Report
    For more details or questions on EasyShip functions please contact our Call Centre 1217.

    How do I create a shipment in EasyShip?

    There are 2 Steps for creating a shipment with EasyShip:
    1. Enter information: Fill in shipment information of both the sender and receiver’s information in EasyShip, or import their information from an excel file if you have a high number of parcels to deliver.
    2. Print shipment label: Once you have filled in the information, you can print out shipping labels.

    Why should I use EasyShip?

    EasyShip allows users to shorten the delivery process, especially for online sellers who have to deal with hundreds or thousands of orders daily.
    It also helps SME businesses increase their efficiency by organising shipments, allowing sellers to get tracking information right away. EasyShip is designed to assist sellers by summarizing shipments and reports to help sellers visualize a bigger scope of their business as well.

    How do I track my shipments?

    1. Visit Kerry Express Website
    2. Click “Parcel Tracking” tab on the website menu bar.
    3. Enter shipment tracking number (can be located on Kerry Receipt)
    * You may also track Kerry shipments via Kerry Express Application, Call Centre 1217 and Kerry Express Official LINE Account.

    Register an account with us to start using our EasyShip Platform today