Kerry Express Introduces “Hibox” Smart Locker Business

5 Jan 2023

Kerry Express Introduces “Hibox” Smart Locker Business in Pushing Forward Serving Up Happiness in a Brand-New Way in Pushing Forward Serving Up Happiness in a Brand-New Way

Bangkok (5 January 2023) — Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery provider, continues its mission to deliver happiness powered by state-of-the-art innovations like no other. This time, the brand has teamed up with Hive Box, China’s leader in smart locker service provider to launch “Hibox,” a smart locker business that offers customers 24-hour end-to-end parcel pickup and delivery services. The brand plans to pilot by installing 2,000 units of Hibox across greater Bangkok region within two years.

Mr. Alex Ng, Chief Executive Officer of Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited. revealed that “The way of living and consumption of Thai people have undergone a permanent transformation. People began to seek out greater convenience and thus turned to online shopping, which led to the continuous expansion of the e-commerce and social commerce markets. Nonetheless, online shopping still falls short of catering to the convenience of customers in a balanced and sufficient way as some customers have started to demand flexibility as well as the freedom to manage their own time. On one hand, recipients may not always be at home to receive parcels — or it is inconvenient for them to do so; On the other hand, senders, like online merchants, may want to arrange their delivery times by themselves.

Hibox Smart Locker

Although there are now parcel pick-up and delivery lockers available out there, there are simply not enough to satisfy all customer needs. Kerry Express sees an opportunity to transform convenience with the launch of Hibox, a 24-hour smart parcel pickup anddelivery locker that will increase the brand’s parcel delivery capabilities to meet the exact needs of its consumers, especially online merchants who aspire to manage their times all by themselves, single-handedly and independently. Once and for all, this will put an end to the problems of “recipients” having to wait to receive parcels at the destinations and “senders” having to go to deliver parcels at the branches. With this smart locker service, senders can drop their parcels off there right away and recipients can pick their parcels up conveniently. Kerry Express also plans to integrate the ecosystem to further elevate customers’ convenience by giving them the options to pay via QR code, KERRY WALLET, and credit card. Hibox, which is designed to be simple to use and available around-the-clock, is expected to drastically alter customer behavior by giving them more autonomy over how they manage their times.”

Hibox Smart Locker

Parcel delivery with Hibox is driven by innovation. There are two services in the first phase:

  1. Sending parcels via Hibox — Senders who are online merchants on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, TikTok, can drop their parcels off at Hibox right away;
  2. Receiving parcels via Hibox — Recipients advise their senders to send their parcels to the nearest Hibox, where they can choose a time to pick up 24 hours a day.
Alex Hibox Smart Locker

The CEO concluded that “Kerry Express will progressively install Hibox, starting from areas that are easily accessible and crowded in Bangkok and its vicinity, be it condos, villages, office buildings, BTS stations or universities, before expanding to other areas across the country. Moreover, Hibox can reduce costs from opening new branches and will become another way to generate income and sustainable growth for both Kerry Express and its customers, including general customers as well as e-commerce and social commerce businesses. Kerry plans to begin importing Hibox in the first quarter of 2023 and have more than 2,000 units of Hibox installed throughout greater Bangkok region and its vicinity by the end of 2023. All of this is done so that Kerry customers can experience happiness in a brand-new way.”

Hibox Smart Locker