Kerry Express Introduces Newest Mascot "Nong Carry”

9 Mar 2023

Kerry Express Introduces Newest Mascot “Nong Carry” Delivering an Extra Dose of Happiness to Every Parcel this 2023

Bangkok (3 March 2023) — Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery provider, has leveraged an exciting strategy to stand out in the competition. In a creative move to stay ahead of its contemporaries and close to its customers, it has just unveiled its new mascot named “Nong Carry “, who is certain to breathe new life into the brand and captivate the hearts of new generations of customers. The cuddly-cute and friendly, Nong Carry, along with their talented assistant Pinnie is here to make sure that every single express delivery of yours is nothing less than a blissful experience. With the dynamic duo by your side, you will be serenaded with an unmatched level of convenience, efficiency, and care every step of the way. Get ready to have your express delivery needs fulfilled every single day at Kerry Express.

Following the hugely successful naming activity online, Nong Carry was brought to life in all their glory, with the name that perfectly encapsulates the values of Kerry Express. The winner revealed, “Nong Carry” is a parcel courier icon whose lightning-fast speed and unwavering attention to detail ensures each and every parcel arrives at their destination on time and with the utmost care.” Thischaracter is inspired by the hardworking Kerry Express couriers who strive to deliver with enthusiasm and commitment, friendliness, and care, all to make sure that every parcel reaches the hands of customers as quickly and safely as possible.

The design has been carefully crafted to reflect this, with the curved and streamline design that gives off an impression of agility, while the iconic Kerry Express orange that is the signature color of the brand all coming together in a harmonious composition. And the result is a cute, futuristic, visually appealing character that perfectly embodies what Kerry Express brand stands for.

Nong Carry also harbors of their strength, agility, and problem-solving process with their trusty partner Pinnie along the ride, always ready to “pin the ways,” you can be sure of accurate delivery anywhere across the country. On top of this, the brand’s expansive network of more than 36,000 service points also allows them to go the extra mile in providing increased speed, safety, and above all, confidence. With Nong Carry and Pinnie on your side to take care of your parcels, you can rest assure that they will be delivered with speed, the utmost care, and efficiency.

Pannee Santiwiwatkul, Head of Marketing & Communications, Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited added on the introduction of Nong Carry, saying, “Kerry Express has adjusted its communication strategy, now aiming to establish a deeper, more meaningful connection with its customers, transforming it from a mere business relationship to a lasting bond of friendship.  Nong Carry, a new mascot whose character embodies the brand’s identity to create a memorable image, representing the brand in a modern, friendly way. Stay tuned for more activities coming up throughout this year.