Kerry Express Celebrates 17th Anniversary

13 Jun 2023

Revving up Customer Confidence with Superior Express Parcel Delivery Service and Month-Long Excitement

Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery provider, marks its impressive 17th year in the industry, further fueling its unwavering drive to instill confidence in customers across all levels — one that has been burning brightly from the beginning. Firmly cementing its position at the forefront, and relentlessly enhance its wide array of professional nationwide express delivery services, catering to the diverse and comprehensive demands of KEX customers throughout the country.

17 years into its voyage, Kerry Express has been unyieldingly pursuing the path of continuous development, tirelessly striving for service excellence. Driven by a steadfast commitment, it remains resolute in providing an unparalleled customer experience for all. As a result, KEX business has seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of your daily lives, be it navigating online marketplaces, bridging regional divides with cross-regional deliveries, or even orchestrating the direct farm-to-doorstep journey of fresh fruits.

Introducing an array of innovative services, the high-achieving Kerry Express leaves no stone unturned in its quest to exceed your expectations:

  1. Kerry Express Club Membership: Exclusively designed for members, this program unlocks you a world of special privileges provided by the leading company;
  2. KERRY COOL Service: From 0 to -15 degrees Celsius, your parcels are expertly handled and continuously monitored in real-time throughout the transportation process; 
  3. Door-to-Door Service: Through a seamless partnership with Grab, KEX provides prompt doorstep parcel pickups, guaranteeing swift delivery of your parcels to their intended destinations without any delays.
  4. Self-Collection Service: Intended to free you from the frustration of missed deliveries, this service enables you to personally retrieve your parcels at a location of your choice;
  5. Kerry Express Wallet: With this versatile payment platform, you can indulge in a tailored, seamless, and secure payment journey in the embrace of the cashless society era;
  6. Hibox service: In collaboration with Hive Box, this smart locker system allows you 24-hour access for sending and receiving parcels, eliminating time constraints and unleashing unparalleled convenience; 
  7. International Parcel Delivery Service: With coverage spanning across over 50 routes in 45 countries, KEX connects you globally, ensuring your parcels reach their destinations with speed and reliability.

With each new service, Kerry Express paves the way for an elevated customer experience, reaffirming its dedication to delivering excellence at every turn.

Underpinned by its enduring management strategy, Kerry Express remains committed to delivering peerless convenience, speed, security, and peace of mind to both senders and recipients. With pillars like Next Day GuaranteeNationwide Coverage, and Committed Date of Delivery, KEX ensures a seamless customer experience that caters precisely to the exact needs of buyers and sellers, enabling them to flourish without blockage. Whether operating as SMEs or within e-commerce or social commerce platforms, KEX clears the path for uninterrupted business growth, transcending size limitations. 

Embarking on a momentous milestone, Kerry Express proudly celebrates its remarkable 17th anniversary by curating an entire month brimming with joyous activities for our cherished customers. Throughout the month of June, an enchanting array of captivating activities awaits, promising to ignite your senses and leave you yearning for more. Don’t miss out any moment of this exhilarating happiness galore! Be sure to follow Kerry Express Thailand’s Facebook fan page Kerry Express Thailand and be part of the excitement firsthand!