Kerry Express Unveils 4 Tips for Orchard Owners to Serve Fresh-From-the-Farm Fruits to Doorsteps Nationwide

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Kerry Express doubles down on its leadership position in nationwide express parcel delivery in Thailand, including the delivery of fresh fruits right from orchards, as an extension of its captivating “Freshness Delivered, Zest Unleashed” campaign. With a deep understanding of the needs of orchard owners, the brand meticulously tends to every aspect of its service, ensuring that each and every fresh fruit delivery is swift, secure, and, consequently, a source of happiness. And to empower orchard owners in running their businesses seamlessly and propelling them to greater heights, Kerry Express is delighted to provide the following 4 key tips:

  1. Speed is of the Essence — Every step of the way holds immense significance — from careful cultivation and diligent care to thoughtful harvesting and distribution; it is in delivering fresh and delicious produce to customers promptly that orchard owners find their happiness. And to provide end customers with an experience akin to savoring freshly-picked fruits from the orchards, Kerry Express offers the Fast Delivery Solution to ensure next-day delivery. Orchard owners can take advantage of this service every day, without any days off, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled freshness and flavor to customers throughout Thailand.
  • Everything is a Cost — Cost management — beyond just product and service quality — is a vital aspect of sustainable business growth. One effective approach is to collaborate with professional delivery partners, providing not only convenience but also savings in time and cost that would otherwise be incurred when traveling to urban areas for delivery. Kerry Express offers the Door-to-Door Service, which entails collecting fresh fruits directly from the orchards, along with comprehensive packaging guidance and demonstrations provided by its staff to minimize damage. With this service, orchard owners can be confident that each box of fresh fruits receives meticulous care, ensuring their safe journey from orchard to doorstep nationwide.
  • Sincerity is a Must — For orchard owners, sustaining a business requires grasping the nuances of selling fruits in physical stores versus via online platforms. The delivery of fresh fruits to customers nationwide poses unique challenges, particularly regarding potential water weight loss during transit, which can result in discrepancies with the weights provided by customers when placing their orders. Kerry Express — synonymous with meticulous attention to detail — offers the Size Measurement Solution. This solution advises orchard owners to weigh fresh fruits just before packaging, ensuring that each order adheres to the precise weight provided by customers throughout the country. This customer-centric approach helps elevate orchard brands from mere “Liked Brands” to “Loved Brands,” capturing customer loyalty over the long term.
  • Delivery Quality is a Priority — Throughout the delivery process, delivery personnel’s attention to detail is paramount. Recognizing that ensuring delivery quality begins right from choosing the appropriate packaging for fresh fruits, Kerry Express offers the Package Condition Solution, which provides advice not only on suitable box types and sizes for various fruit varieties but also on the appropriate box thicknesses to provide cushioning against impacts during transit. This includes various fruit box sizes with up to 5mm thickness, specifically designed to withstand impacts. Furthermore, options with air vents are offered for larger fruits, like sweet green oranges, pomelos, and pears, as well as options without air vents for smaller fruits or those sensitive to cold, such as lychees, longans, strawberries, and peaches.

Therefore, crucial is opting for an express parcel delivery service that pays meticulous attention to every step, especially during transit and delivery, including advance notification services; this choice creates a memorable experience and ensures that farm-fresh fruits reach customers’ hands, as if freshly picked from the orchards. This customer-centric approach helps capture customer loyalty over the long term.

The confidence and trust of our “customers” are central to Kerry Express’ service. Therefore, it diligently trains its employees to comprehend the needs of both orchard owners and end customers. This training emphasizes the importance of delivering professional delivery service, starting right from the moment they collect fruits directly at orchards until they hand-deliver them to doorsteps across the country. These four key tips are sure to propel orchard owners in every region to greater successes; They ensure that nature’s bounty’s zest —  as the “Freshness Delivered, Zest Unleashed” captivating campaign suggests — is delivered at its freshest and zestiest all year round.

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