Kerry Express Poised to Scale Express Delivery Experience to Greater Heights Powered by State-of-the-Art Smart Sorting and Digital Mapping Technologies Paired with Dedicated Professional Personnel Nationwide

17 Oct 2023

Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery provider, takes great pride in its steadfast dedication to developing all-encompassing express parcel delivery services, thereby pushing the boundaries of the express delivery industry into uncharted horizons. In a recent demonstration of our unwavering commitment to excellence, we have integrated into our already high-performance delivery system two cutting-edge technologies: “Smart Sorting” and “Digital Mapping.”

“Smart Sorting” stands as the latest in automation-powered technology, thoughtfully engineered to expedite and enhance our precise sorting of parcels, ensuring their swift delivery to designated destinations. Complementing this, “Digital Mapping” emerges as an innovative system that seamlessly transforms recipient addresses into accurate location pins, empowering our dedicated employees to accelerate and secure the delivery of parcels across the country the very next day. With these game-changing innovations, Kerry Express has heralded a fresh era of precision and efficiency within the highly-competitive express parcel delivery industry.

In addition, Kerry Express diligently attends to every detail apparent in our delivery process, through our nationwide team of over 15,000 well-trained and conscientious personnel. From the moment parcels enter our system to their final handover to end customers, we ensure meticulous care at every step of the way. Our customers can benefit from the added convenience of our real-time parcel tracking through our application and website, available around the clock. Alternatively, our dedicated customer relations team is readily accessible for our customers to have liberty of through multiple channels, including Call Center at 1217, Live Chat on the website, and Line OA.

By harnessing the dynamic interplay between the state-of-the-art smart technologies and highly-trained, detail-oriented staff, Kerry Express has successfully raised the bar for express parcel delivery to an otherwise unimaginable higher height, earning the utmost trust among our customers. They can rest assured that every parcel entrusted to us will be swiftly, securely, and conveniently delivered, precisely in line with their expectations for an express parcel delivery service. And it is this commitment that further doubles down on Kerry Express’ position as the undisputed leader in the Thai express parcel delivery industry — one we have held for 17 years, capturing the hearts of the country.

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