Kerry Express Takes the Leap to Full-Fledged Tech Logistics, Unveiling State-of-the-Art “Kerry Fast Tech” for Unparalleled Efficiency and Accuracy in Express Parcel Delivery

Kerry Express remains steadfast in its commitment to innovating into a fully-fledged Tech Logistics company. Under the visionary concept of “Kerry Fast Tech,” we are pioneering a new era of express parcel delivery, all beginning with the inaugural introduction of “Smart Sorting” and “Digital Mapping” at the Kerry Express Bangna Logistics Centre or KBLC. This strategic move is designed to optimize every step of the delivery process, from initial dispatch to final handover, ensuring a more streamlined, precise, and seamless express parcel delivery experience. By harnessing state-of-the-art technology, we double down on our dedication to delivering an uninterrupted “Deliver Happiness with Every Delivery” experience. Such dedication of ours extends to providing top-tier express parcel delivery services, fostering sustainable business growth, and supporting SMEs, E-Commerce, and Social Commerce, particularly during promotional events and festive seasons.


“Kerry Fast Tech” stands proudly on the cornerstone of cutting-edge innovations engineered to elevate the efficiency and accuracy of express parcel delivery. And this vision takes shape with the introduction of Smart Sorting and Digital Mapping at the KBLC, marking a pivotal moment. Among these innovations, Smart Sorting shines as a technology that effectively and precisely sorts parcels, destined for various regions, provinces, and zones across Thailand. With this innovation, parcels can be sorted according to specific locations within the country with unprecedented precision, surpassing traditional methods. Notably, this technology significantly accelerates the sorting process, up to three times faster, while simultaneously minimizing human errors.

Another technology that takes the efficiency and accuracy of express parcel delivery even further, to an even higher height, especially as parcels approach their final destinations, is Digital Mapping. This technology facilitates detailed processing, enabling the system to pinpoint addresses in Thailand with unparalleled precision, all the way down to the level of alleys and soi-s, providing clear and accurate reference points on the map. This development ensures the swiftness, precise-ness, and timeliness of parcel distribution to our courier, further refining the efficiency of the delivery process for a prompt handover to customers. The integration of these technologies enables swift and precise parcel sorting and flexible adjustment of transportation routes as needed. And this culminates in a highly cost-effective management of express parcel delivery, setting the bar for the industry.


Mr. Warawut Natpradith, Deputy CEO of Kerry Express (Thailand) Limited, expressed,“At Kerry Express, our commitment is unwavering. We continuously innovate our delivery system to ensure customers across the country enjoy a superior-quality, fast, secure, and accurate express parcel delivery experience. With the visionary concept of “Kerry Fast Tech,” we’ve integrated both Smart Sorting and Digital Mapping technologies to enhance our productivity, maximizing their work efficiency and accuracy. This has even further streamlined the already rapid and highly precise sorting and delivery of parcels, even as the delivery volumes surge, especially during Double Dates and year-end holiday seasons. Our goal is to further boost the burgeoning growth of SME, E-Commerce, and Social Commerce businesses.”

“Furthermore, we have concrete plans in place, to implement these technologies in other sorting and distribution centers, elevating the express parcel delivery process across every area throughout Thailand. In the long run, this will enhance the convenience, speed, and accuracy of our express parcel delivery services as we strive forwards, with our sights set on becoming a full-fledged Tech Logistics company in the future,” added the Deputy CEO.

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