Kerry Express Enhances International Express Parcel Delivery with 3 Key Dimensions of Care for Thai SMEs and Chinese Tourists to Send Parcels to China and Beyond to Over 45 Other Countries Worldwide

Over the past several years, Chinese consumers have consistently shown a strong preference for products from Thailand. Whether it be culinary delights or everyday groceries, Thai products have carved a niche for themselves through their exceptional uniqueness, remarkable cost-effectiveness, and uncompromising quality. And this burgeoning trend only continues to gain momentum, presenting a highly lucrative opportunity for Thai businesses to harness their potential and boost revenue growth. With this in mind, Kerry Express is dedicated to elevating the prospects of Thai entrepreneurs. This commitment is exemplified by its efforts to streamline the process of delivering products to China, through the new service SF Express, to ensure not only seamless operation but also sustainable growth for all businesses.

Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery provider, is making significant strides in tapping into the up-and-coming-on-strong Chinese market for Thai products. We have further expanded our already comprehensive services by partnering with SF Express, the largest integrated logistics service provider in China. This strategic collaboration aims to provide international express parcel delivery services from Thailand to China. The service is meticulously designed to cater to the exact needs of customers across all levels. It places a primary emphasis on Thai businesses seeking to expand their presence in the Chinese market — be it SMEs, Social Commerce ventures, or E-Commerce platforms —, as well as on Chinese tourists in Thailand taking advantage of the Visa Free policy. And with this newly introduced service, they can now effortlessly send their products to China in a more cost-effective and convenient manner. The service is underpinned by Kerry Express’s unwavering dedication, which revolves around three key dimensions: 

  1. Express Delivery, Arriving within 1-3 working days Speed stands as the utmost priority for Kerry Express. Both senders and recipients can be confident that their products will reach their destinations on time. This is made possible through Kerry Express’s international express parcel delivery service employing air transport with more than 80 SF Express’s aircraft. SF Express is the largest integrated logistics service provider in China, known for its expertise and steady adherence to global standards.
  1. Ultimate Convenience, Sending Parcels Worldwide at 65 Kerry Express Parcel Shops Nationwide — Convenience ranks high on senders’ list of considerations when selecting international parcel delivery services, and Kerry Express takes it to the next level. Senders now have the option to drop off their parcels at over 65 Kerry Express Parcel Shops nationwide. These outlets are staffed by experts who offer guidance and support at every stage of the process, instilling confidence in senders that their parcels will be swiftly, securely, and seamlessly delivered, so much so that they walk out with broad smiles across their faces.
  1. Complimentary Freebie, Boxes and Protective Cushioning Materials All Included — Every step of the delivery process with Kerry Express is handled with utmost care to ensure maximum protection for each parcel throughout its journey. To further safeguard parcels, at Kerry Express offers complimentary parcel boxes for international shipments and provide additional protective cushioning materials. This assurance gives both senders and recipients peace of mind, knowing their products will arrive in good condition when using Kerry Express’s highly dedicated international express parcel delivery service.

Whether you are Thai SMEs looking to expand your reach into the Chinese market, Chinese tourists exploring Thailand, or individual customers, you can now send parcels to China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and many more countries worldwide, in a more swift, secure, convenient, and cost-effective manner than ever before, with services from SF Express, now available through Kerry Express. These include Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Myanmar, India, and the Philippines. 

Our commitment to delivering more swift, secure, convenient, and cost-effective services is complemented by the exceptional storefront service we provide. Our well-trained and dedicated staff stand ready to offer expert guidance on proper packaging for each parcel type and assist throughout the entire process. With Kerry Express’s international express parcel delivery service, you can have full confidence that your parcels will arrive swiftly, securely, and free from worry. When it comes to international parcel delivery, think of Kerry Express, because “Every Parcel Delivered with Care at Kerry Express.”

Check the list of branches that offer this service at https://th.kerryexpress.com/th/promotions/232614/sf-express

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