Kerry Express Revolutionizes Business Operations with Pickup Service

A Cost-Effective and Lightning-Fast Delivery Solution Endorsed by Three Online Retail Giants in Bakery, Fashion, and Beauty, Each Boasting Record-Breaking Orders That Resonate Across Digital Landscape.


Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery provider, has unveiled the key to sustainable business growth. Recognizing the distinct needs of SMEs in the fiercely competitive online landscape, particularly within the realm of Social Commerce, Kerry Express, with its unwavering focus on efficient cost management and swift, high-quality delivery, sets itself apart as a reliable go-to partner for all express parcel delivery needs, poised to stand shoulder to shoulder with SMEs, nurturing their continuous growth. 

In a groundbreaking move, Kerry Express is revolutionizing business operations by offering the complimentary “Pickup Service” with no minimum requirement. This increasingly cost-effective and time-saving solution is set to redefine industry standards; Customers can now benefit from free pickups right at their doorsteps — available at prices equivalent to those of in-store drop-offs, even for single parcels. Accessible through the Kerry Express app or by calling 1217, the “Pickup Service” is designed to further enhance convenience for online businesses, eliminating the need for self-deliveries at service points and saving valuable time in the process. And the success of Kerry Express’s innovative offering is vividly exemplified by three prominent businesses in bakery, fashion, and beauty, each with consistently record-breaking orders, that have already, wholeheartedly embraced it: “Penny the Chef,” an avant-garde bakery brand; “Common Cold,” a dress brand endorsed by medical professionals; and “ARCHITA,” an up-and-coming Thai cosmetics brand. 

Penny The Chef’s owner, Ms. Penny Jirayuwatana, attributed her brand’s uninterrupted growth in the fiercely competitive online landscape to Kerry Express’s Pickup Service, stating “Penny The Chef has been thriving for over three years, experiencing consistent growth, especially through online channels, which outpaces in-store sales twofold. The strength of our business lies in using premium ingredients and beautifully designed packaging. Additionally, our partnership with Kerry Express has proven to be a valuable asset, enhancing our operations’ convenience and agility. The flexibility to choose convenient time slots for Kerry Express to pick up parcels right at the storefront with no minimum requirements — for free even for a single box — has significantly streamlined our operations, perfectly aligning with the needs of online businesses like ours. We now specifically rely on Kerry Express for delivering our pastries and cookies nationwide. Furthermore, as we send our products daily, we’ve enrolled in the KERRY EXPRESS CLUB, accumulating KERRY POINT with each delivery that can be redeemed for discounts on delivery costs or other benefits, making it even more worthwhile.”

Navigating the business of the trending dress brand, Common Cold, led by Ms. Kanpitcha Kleebbuakwan and Ms. Kantida Kleebbuakwan, they expressed their indelible impression left by opting for Kerry Express’ Pickup Service, stating, “At Common Cold, we keep innovating our dresses to stay ahead of burgeoning fashion trends, all without compromising on quality and affordability, all to make them accessible to medical professionals, educators, and even younger demographics. Another invaluable asset is Kerry Express’ Pickup Service, effectively streamlining cost and time management for us. This eliminates the need for self-deliveries at service points, sparing us from traffic and parking challenges and thus allowing us to dedicate more time to expand other aspects of our business. More importantly, the doorstep pickup rates match in-store dropoff rates, ensuring prompt and swift delivery of products to our customers’ hands. This aligns perfectly with the current customer preference for quick and efficient services, eliminating unnecessary wait times all in one go.”

Ms. Archita Siripinyanond, the owner of the renowned beauty brand ARCHITA and a prominent beauty blogger, recounted how reliable partners like Kerry Express are the winning recipe for her brand’s success, stating “ARCHITA, given the nature of our business, deals with a large volume of sizeable products, and here comes Kerry Express to play a pivotal role in managing the distribution of these parcels to various locations. The leading express parcel delivery service provider’s involvement not only ensures that our products reach customers nationwide in a swift, safe, secure, and careful manner, but also facilitates the distribution to over 61 leading beauty retail branches. Leveraging Kerry Express for complimentary doorstep pickup services, available through the Kerry Express app or by calling 1217, has proven to be an effortless and highly convenient solution for our business operations.” And all these industry leaders serve as a testament to the effectiveness and impact of Kerry Express’s commitment to providing tailored solutions for businesses navigating the dynamic landscape of modern commerce, with palpable reverberations far and wide across the digital landscape.

Having strong and specialized partners is a key mechanism that empowers SMEs’ effective cost and time management for business. Here, Kerry Express serves as a crucial ally, enabling seamless business growth through its standout features, including:

  • Complimentary Doorstep Pickup Service: Effortless, hassle-free delivery is just a click or a call away. You can now enjoy free doorstep pickup services with no minimum requirement through the Pickup Service, available at prices equivalent to those of in-store drop-offs and even for single parcels, all for cost-efficient operations. Simply request it via the Kerry Express app or by calling 1217;
  • KERRY EXPRESS CLUB Membership Benefit: The more you send, the more you save, indeed. As a KERRY EXPRESS CLUB member, every 25 Baht spent on delivery earns you 1 point, for you to accumulate them to redeem discounts on delivery costs or enjoy various benefits from a whole host of leading brands;
  • Speed with Love: Your parcels are in capable hands, from start to finish. Meticulously trained professional staff stand ready to take care of your parcels every step of the way, all the way to their destinations, ensuring a swift, safe, secure, and precise journey for every parcel.

Kerry Express is committed to bringing happiness to every delivery, standing alongside Thai entrepreneurs to drive sustainable growth for every business.

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