Kerry Express, a 15 years customer-trusted express delivery provider, highlights its market leader position as Thailand’s No. 1 express parcel delivery company, adds valued services to its parcel shops

2 Jul 2021

Over the years, express delivery business has played a large role in people’s lives, especially with the growth in ecommerce, creating an attractive competitive environment. Service providers are determined to develop new products and services to match the needs of consumers and ensure that they receive the best experiences.

Kerry Express stands as the first private express parcel delivery company in Thailand with a 15-year-long extensive experience. In 2013, it opened its first branch in Asoke area and continue to expand its presence with continuous development through personnel, technologies and new services.

Mr. Warawut Natpradith, Chief Operations Officer of Kerry Express (Thailand) Plc. or KEX, Thailand’s forefront express delivery company, said:

                “From day one, we have witnessed a lot of changes in Kerry Express, from the first and only branch in the Asoke area, today we are the first express delivery company to have over 15,000 service points nationwide with more than 1,000 distribution centres to support the operation across Thailand.

                “We have over 20,000 vehicles under our management to ensure that every parcel is being delivered with highest punctuality and reliability. For everyone at Kerry Express, we are not only delivering parcels, but we are delivering happiness to our customers – and that’s our mission. This is one of the reasons why Kerry Express has been winning customers’ trust for the past 15 years.”

Following its milestone as a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Kerry Express has remained committed to its strategies in expanding its network as well as increasing its sorting capacity.

In 2021, Kerry Express intends to optimise its resources to achieve utmost efficiency. This can be in the form of utilising parcel shop spaces to advertise or sell partners’ products such as C Vitt and M150 or to join forces with financial institutes such as the Bangkok Bank (BBL) to offer Be My ID or an identity verification service for BBL’s customers who wish to open e-savings accounts at all of Kerry Express’s parcel shops nationwide. Kerry Express looks forward in offering other value-added services to responds to consumer lifestyles. This includes increasing the number of service points across Thailand to put into play the “Kerry Express Everywhere” strategy. This would ensure that services provided by Kerry Express can be easily accessible.

At the same time Kerry Express’s marketing campaigns have been focusing on emotional branding, to reflect that the express delivery can be easily accessible through collaborations with various partners in the e-commerce and consumer goods businesses, such as Bang Hasun, Everyday Karmakamet, and the recently launched Kerry Express x Au Bon Pain, Thailand’s leading bakery brand. KEX, in collaboration with Au Bon Pain designed a new packaging especially for bread and other bakery products to be delivered through Kerry Express Bangkok Sameday service, promising to deliver the bakery within the same day to customers in Bangkok and metropolitan. These activities are designed to imprint the Kerry Express brand into the minds of consumers in other business segments as well.

                “Kerry Express’s primary goal this year is to uphold our service quality to strengthen our leadership position in the express delivery market amidst the increasing competition” says Mr. Warawut.

                “We aim to expand and strengthen our market leadership position through continuously developing and improving our technology systems, which is the key to increase operational efficiency. We are confident that with our extensive experience in the express delivery business of over 15 years together with our endless dedication to innovate, we will remain to be number 1 in the express delivery space as well as operating with stability and long term sustainability.”