Kerry Express invites you to become a Kerry Partner Feature the advantages of low investment, receiving quick returns up to 20% starting at only 3,900 baht

Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited or KEX, the country’s leading express delivery provider, announced today that the company is expanding business opportunities in response to the growing trend of personal entrepreneurship among Thailand’s new generation. 

Kerry Express is actively recruiting Kerry Partner store owners nationwide. The program offers the chance to become a Kerry Express’s partner with several attractive investment packages, requiring minimal capital and returns up to 20%*. Kerry Express provides comprehensive support, including marketing materials, IT equipment, dedicated after-sales service, and complete packing supplies including boxes, envelopes, and OPP tape.

In 2024, Kerry Express aims to increase our non-e-commerce customer base while maintaining consistent growth within our e-commerce segment. We are committed to enhancing our service network, leveraging technology for efficiency, and rigorously evaluating expansion based on customer demand. Our professionally trained staff, dedicated back-office team, and responsive call center ensure a seamless parcel delivery experience from origin to destination. We remain focused on innovation to meet the evolving needs of our customers, reinforcing our position as Thailand’s Number One express delivery brand.

Exclusive Offer! Kerry Express offers a variety of investment packages tailored for aspiring Kerry partners.

  1. Business Owners Earn Extra Income (Shop in Shop 3,900 Baht)

Starting package suitable for people who already have their shop and would like to continue earning additional income easily at the same time. This package will receive a set of public relations banners outside the store, a J-Flag sign. and Kerry Express logo sign, ready to open the store immediately.

  • Small Shop Low Investment (Starter Lite 8,900 Baht)

Suitable for people who have space and want to start a small shop that is easy to maintain. This package will include vinyl signs and in-store media. and the Kerry Express logo along with various freebies including a Seal Bag, OPP tape, OPP tape cutter, and tape measure.

  • Basic Set, Ready-to-Open Shop (Lite 39,900 Baht)

Great value suitable for people with an area of 10-35 square meters and located in a prominent location in the heart of the city. This package will have complete equipment. Receive both equipment in the store public relations sign equipment such as vinyl signs In-store media Kerry Express logo sign Ready to receive a full set of gifts including Seal Bag, receipt printing paper, label printing paper, OPP tape, OPP tape cutter, and tape measure.

  • Large Store, Maximum Customer Support (Standard 79,900 Baht)

Designed for large stores (25-50 square meters) to handle high customer volumes. Comes with a full set of equipment including vinyl signs, in-store media, Kerry Express logo signs, IT equipment, and furniture equipment such as counters, and package tables, along with many special extras such as parcel boxes of all sizes, and fruit boxes. Seal Bags of all sizes, OPP tape, OPP tape cutter, along with other gifts. Total more than 20 items.

Join the Kerry Express family today as a business owner!

Visit https://forms.gle/q2Fk3JWkitHJJ4pk9 to get startedFor more information: https://th.kerryexpress.com/th/home