Kerry club empower your lifestyle Earn 1 Kerry point for every 25 baht spent on delivery service at Kerry parcel shop. The more you collect, the greater your privilege. e.g. Kerry express discount coupon, restaurant voucher, hotel voucher and many more rewards.

Benefits for Kerry Express Club

Faster COD Remittance

Diamond and Gold member will get COD remittance next day** after the parcel successfully delivered. Silver, Orange and Grey will get COD remittance within 2 days*** after the parcel successfully delivered. ** For BBL account, and 2 working days for other banks. *** For BBL account, and 3 working days for other banks.


All in one feature! Dashboard includes 5 summary reports. Summary report of shipments, COD remittance, and Total KERRY CASH offset, for all tiers Exclusively, customer demographics report and customer summary report, for Diamond, Gold, and Silver tier only!

Personal Assistance

Personal assistant helps report sales, support claim service, track & trace, and provide information. Available for Diamond tier only.

LINE Notification

Seller will receive shipment report, shipment performance report, and COD remittance report; and, buyers will receive shipment status. Available for Diamond tier only.

Special Rewards

There are 5 tiers Diamond, Gold, Silver, Orange and Grey.

Each of the tier will be offered with variety of special rewards and privileges.

Tier Privilege

10,000 POINT
5,000 POINT
1,000 POINT
< 100 POINT
Access to EasyShip tools
Point Collect
Every 25 baht of shipping fee, get 1 KERRY POINT
Discount coupon and premium gift from KERRY EXPRESS CLUB and our partners available at redemption store
  • Total Shipment report
  • Total COD remittance report
  • Total Discount from KERRY CASH
More Insights
  • Customer Demographics
  • Type of Customer
Faster COD Remittance
COD will return to your bank account after the parcel is delivered successfully.
1 Day1 Day2 Day2 Day2 Day
Extra Care Service
Extra liability up to 2,500 baht/case on shipment damage/loss.
Priority Counter
Faster service at priority counter, available at Kerry parcel shop
Line Notification
Recipient will receive shipment status notification.
Personal Assistant
Exclusively support for Diamond member


Tier adjustment

Your member tier will be adjusted on a quarterly basis according to KERRY POINT earned in previous quarter. By means of 1 calendar year divided into 4 quarters.

Quarter 1

1 January to 31 March

Quarter 2

1 April to 30 June

Quarter 3

1 July to 30 September

Quarter 4

1 October to 31 December

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