Kerry Express Unveils its Upcoming Green Economy Strategy and Future Targets

14 Sep 2022

Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“KEX”), Thailand’s leading express delivery service, today announced sustainability initiatives and goals. Under our environmental stewardship, we have implemented rigorous measures and mapped out action plans toward achieving 100% sustainable packaging and 10% carbon emission reduction within 2026 — when compared with 2021’s emission. KEX continues the transition of its business towards a greener operation under the 3-5 years emerging focus Green Economy Strategy. Focusing on waste management, route optimisation, renewable energy, and electronic vehicles (EVs), KEX is committed to enhancing operations efficiency and seeking alternative solutions for its parcel management. 

KEX aims to align our business activities with Thailand’s ambition of achieving Net Zero by 2065 through the updated National Determined Contribution from COP26 as we seek to lead and set the standard for the parcel delivery industry. In the past years, the Company has successfully adopted integrated route planning and optimisation to reduce carbon emission from fleets; promoted waste separation management among employees; and made meeting materials 100% carbon-neutral.

In May, the Company published its first 2021 Sustainability Report, highlighting its Environmental Social, and Governance (ESG) practices and future initiatives, becoming the first express delivery company to do so. The report is available in digital format and can be accessed via the Company’s Investor Relations website: Learn more

The milestone marks the Company’s inaugural steps in its sustainability roadmap toward better service quality and greater responsibility to all stakeholders. With the strategic plans being executed by our dedicated team, we are confident that KEX can reach the targets as planned.