Kerry Express Recommends 5 KERRY CLUB Features

21 Sep 2022

Managing Your Orders, Growing Your Business at Your Fingertips! 

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Bangkok (20 September 2022) — Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery provider, parlays the game-changing unveiling of KERRY CLUB — a membership program architected for the sole purpose of delivering happiness with a highly curated selection of exclusive benefits for members of all tiers to avail — into the groundbreaking 5 KERRY CLUB features, a smart business auxiliary engineered to enable customers to manage their orders in a simpler, quicker, and more cost-effectively manner. By joining KERRY CLUB, you will be updated on the delivery status of your parcels and your company’s business profile, and well informed about customer behaviors and market trends, giving you the leverage to scale your business to higher heights, faster and more sustainable business future. Furthermore, you can also redeem KERRY POINTS for an impressively extensive spectrum of benefits, including discounts on lifestyle products and services and online marketing courses. All these will be yours once you apply for KERRY CLUB membership TODAY FOR FREE via the Kerry Express application.

Kerry Club highlight feature

Developed to be a smart business auxiliary for online merchants, SMEs, social commerce and e-commerce entrepreneurs, the 5 KERRY CLUB features include:

  1. EasyShip — a system that enables KERRY CLUB members to upload information on destination addresses to the system right from their homes, so that all of the information will be automatically entered into the system once QR codes are scanned, without having to manually enter it, not to mention that you can also view the past history, and that you can stay up to date on parcel delivery statuses 24/7 via the Kerry Express application; 
  2. Premium and Discount — a system that enables KERRY CLUB members to collect KERRY POINTS and redeem special rewards, whether it be limited-edition premiums like KERRY CLUB umbrella, tote bag, etc., THB5–100 discounts on delivery all the way to packing supplies such as Kerry box, Kerry tape, and Kerry label, these are provided to help online business owners cut costs and save money. while enjoying privileges and discounts from over 300 leading partner stores;
  3. Online Course — a collection of online marketing courses powered by the country’s leading experts, most notably ZOE from Digital Shortcut, that are intended to equip KERRY CLUB members who are online business owners with effective online marketing techniques, ranging from decorating storefront and posting, to editing videos with mobile phones and buying online advertisements. This helps their businesses grow leaps and bounds;
  4. Dashboard a service for gathering, processing, and summarizing reports on parcel delivery data, ranging from parcel delivery summary reports and daily, weekly, and monthly cash-on-delivery summary reports for KERRY CLUB members of all tiers, to customer summary reports by demographics and customer profile summary reports for KERRY CLUB members of Silver-tier and above. This is ideal for business expansion analysis and targeted marketing;
  5. LINE Notification — a special service for Diamond-tier KERRY CLUB members that provides parcel delivery status notifications as well as a wide variety of summary reports, including parcel delivery status summary report, parcel delivery result summary report, and cash-on-delivery summary report via the “KERRY CLUB Exclusive” LINE official account. This addresses the exact needs of online merchants by keeping them updated on parcel delivery statuses.
Online seller happy to use Kerry Club features on Kerry Express application

Leveraging on the 5 KERRY CLUB features, Kerry express can now aid in the undeterred and sustainable growth of your businesses while enjoying a carefully curated collection of benefits both from Kerry Express and over 300 lifestyle brands. Additionally, earning KERRY POINTS can never be easier and more worthwhile; Senders will receive 1 KERRY POINT when sending parcels for every 25 baht with Kerry Express, and recipients — for the first time ever — will also receive 1 KERRY POINT when receiving every 2 parcels from Kerry Express. This is indeed a win-win for both senders and recipients. An online merchant can’t go wrong with being a KERRY CLUB member! Simply apply for KERRY CLUB membership NOW FOR FREE! on Kerry Express application or visit our website at https://th.kerryexpress.com/th/kerry-club.