Top 6 “Most Delivered Products in 2022” 

14 Mar 2023

Kerry Express Reveals Top 6 “Most Delivered Products in 2022” with Fashion Category Leads the Line, Marking Significant Growth Along with Customer Satisfaction Survey Results from Ipsos

Bangkok (14 March 2023) — Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery provider, unveils six categories of “The Most Delivered Products in 2022” sent by the Company. The top 6 categories, ranging from fashion to car accessories, are sprouted by the growth of online shopping through e-commerce, social commerce, social media platforms and the omni-channel shopping trend, where consumers opt for online purchase decision post retail shopping experience. Additionally, this trend is also facilitated by the emergence of “Buy Now Pay Later” payment option, which encourages more online shopping among Thai consumers.

The 6 product categories delivered nationwide using Kerry Express services include:

1. Fashion category with a swiping highest record of 41.7%, where it is predominantly female customers who spend on fashion apparel and cosmetic purchases, as well as Gen Z and Gen Y who hopped into the social-commerce shopping trend that started during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

2. Dried food and healthy snacks is another top-of-mind parcel sending category, recorded at 22.7% following an ever-growing health-conscious trend among Thais. 

3. Electrical appliances and home decors depict a continuous growth of online shopping trend accumulating to 9% of all deliveries. The record is influenced by the Work-From-Home trend during Covid-19 pandemic, forcing Thais to spend more time at home. The health-conscious trend is also part of the reason that shifted consumers’ needs equip with technologies and innovative gadgets on promoting home hygiene and general wellbeing. 

4. Fruits, whether seasonal or off-season fruits, underwent a new strategic shift where many leading fruit orchards started promoting export-graded fruits to the locals, particularly social-commerce shoppers who boost sales opportunities. The growing trend of tropical fruits is favored by the soft power generated from Thai and international artists who are active on influencing and driving fresh fruits orders nationwide. These products sent through Kerry Express service are amounting to 6.3% of top 5 fruits, which include durian, mango, avocado, pomelo, and oranges accordingly.

5. Car accessories, as tire service and car accessories providers alter to a new strategy by increasing online sales channels, purchasing vehicle accessories through online and offline channels are more seamless than ever before. Prompted by the enhanced order channels, delivery through Kerry service is made up to 5.4%, marking an uptrend and over-expectation growth for this category. 

6. Plant products delivered through Kerry Express mark 3.2%. The growth is triggered by the stay-at-home period, the similar trend seen in electrical appliances and home decors category, which encouraged more spendings on home improvement products to create a more livable space at home.

The statistics above represent the variety of product lines in all shapes and sizes that Kerry Express promises to deliver with much needed quality, speed, and care. This is also aligned and reflected with encouraging results conducted by Ipsos, a global research company based in Thailand.

Kerry Express delivers best value in terms of speed, pricing, and quality in Thailand.

In summary, a customer satisfaction survey was conducted by Ipsos in November 2022 with 1,100 random participants and surveyed across all regions in Thailand. Kerry Express (KEX) is honored to receive over 90% agreement scores in the following perspectives:

  • 92% of respondents agree that KEX delivers best value in terms of speed, pricing, and quality in Thailand.
  • 91% of respondents agree that KEX provides the most trustworthy parcel delivery service in Thailand.
  • 93% of respondents are most satisfied with KEX’s delivery service.
  • 96% of respondents intend to continuously use KEX in the future.

Pannee Santiwiwatkul, Head of Marketing & Communications, Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited mentioned that “In addition to speed, quality service is always a top priority at Kerry Express. We take users’ feedback to heart with a belief that consumers’ voice is key to continuous improvements and service development. Moreover, we have a back-office team in place to ensure that customers’ issues are always solved swiftly and effectively. All these are the keys to consistently high service quality that builds customers’ trust and satisfaction in our brand.”