Kerry Express Invites Everyone to Care for the Planet with Eco Box

24 Apr 2023

This Earth Day, Kerry Express Invites Everyone to Care for the Planet with Eco Box, Packed with Four Incredible Benefits and Powered by #EcoBoxGoodForHeartGoodForEarth Campaign.

Let Thais send happiness in every delivery and save the world every day with Kerry Express.

Bangkok (20 April 2023) As we embrace the convenience of online shopping, it is our planet that bears the brunt of the alarmingly excessive waste from packaging that comes with it — be it those cardboard boxes or plastic bags. But fret not, for Kerry Express has taken a stand against this environmental threat with Eco Box. By introducing the earthy-brown box, the brand has opened the door for its retail customers and business owners, including SMEs, social commerce, and e-commerce, to revel in the happiness while also preserving the environment in every delivery across Thailand.

As Earth Day looms closer on April 22nd, 2023, Kerry Express is urging everyone to show their love for the planet by taking a simple yet meaningful step: switch to Eco Box. This eco-friendly packaging is more than just a box — it is a game-changer, coming fully packed with four incredible benefits:

  1. Made of Recyclable Material — Eco Box is made from 100% recyclable paper with 70% reduction in ink printing, which in turn reduces waste and save resources in production.
  2. Durable and Versatile — Eco Box can also be used for a variety of purposes other than delivery, from organizing documents, to creating a cozy cat house, or even as a chic makeup brush holder.
  3. Available in Various Sizes and at Affordable Prices — Eco Box comes in 6 sizes, starting as pocket-friendly as THB4, for you to choose the perfect fit for your needs and budgets.
  4. Reusable for Multiple Times — Eco Box can be reused for multiple deliveries, for you to further save money, save costs, save resources, while also doing your part to safeguard the planet.

In addition, Kerry Express is also taking a bold step further in its eco-friendly game with the #EcoBoxGoodForHeartGoodForEarth campaign. From April 22nd to April 30th, 2023, the brand is calling on its customers and those interested to share their innovative ideas on “What can Kerry delivery boxes be recycled into?” and the most impressive idea will be rewarded with an exclusive Eco Set from the brand. For more information on the campaign, please refer to the Kerry Express Thailand Facebook fanpage. All these are Kerry Express’s concerted efforts to make eco-friendly parcel delivery accessible to everyone, allowing them to participate in taking care of the planet.

The #EcoBoxGoodForHeartGoodForEarth campaign is part of the Earth Day Network’s 2023 “Invest in Our Planet” theme, which reminds us that we are all in this together. We all share and bear an equal responsibility and should work together to combat the climate crisis and drive change towards a greener, more prosperous, equitable, and inclusive future for our world and for our future generations. And this can be done easily through seemingly simple yet so powerful acts of sending parcels using Eco Box from Kerry Express, with which you can deliver happiness and preserve the environment all in one go — one delivery at a time, together towards a brighter future for our planet and ourselves. The newly designed Eco Box in earthy brown color is now available in all six sizes (Mini / S / S+ / M / M+ / L) at Kerry Express parcel shops nationwide.