Kerry Express Joins Hands with Lotus’s Extending Its Network of Service Points into over 2,300 Lotus’s Branches Nationwide

25 Oct 2023

Kerry Express (“KEX”), the country’s leading express delivery providerhas forged a strategic partnership with Lotus’s to open its service points at over 2,300 Lotus’s branches across the country. These service points include Drop-off service, designed to streamline and enhance the experience for both online businesses and customers, thereby elevating Kerry Express service to a SMART Life Solution that caters comprehensively to various lifestyle needs. This initiative is in direct response to the burgeoning trend of online shopping.

Ms. Dolanee Charoenmetta, Senior Manager – Channel Management, Consumer Business at Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited, stated, “Kerry Express is unwavering in our commitment to carrying forward the ‘Kerry Express Everywhere’ strategy. In this pursuit, we have joined forces with the esteemed partner, Lotus’s, to further expand our extensive network of service points throughout the country by adding yet another over 2,300 locations. This strategic expansion is oriented toward reaching wider customer bases and elevating convenience for customers, in line with the preferences of the newer generations, who prioritize easy and convenient access to services, particularly in the wake of the swiftly growing online shopping trend.

“Moreover, we are also attuned to the needs of E-Commerce businesses and online sales platforms, which have demonstrated consistent growth. In response to this, we have extended our services to enable sending parcels with Drop-off right at Lotus’s branches, precisely meeting the distinct demands of customers. At Kerry Express, our unwavering commitment is to deliver an uninterrupted ‘Deliver Happiness with Every Delivery’ experience, all underpinned by our renowned Next-Day Guarantee: send parcels today, receive them tomorrow. Currently, Kerry Express boasts an extensive network of over 50,000 service points nationwide, cementing our position as a leading player in the express parcel delivery industry. And this partnership with Lotus’s represents a remarkable opportunity for mutual business success and sustainable growth for both Kerry Express and our valued partner.”

Ms. Winattha Nipawong, Assistant Director – Retail Business Service at Lotus’s, added, “Lotus’s has been making significant strides in our ongoing efforts to enrich the smart shopping experience for our customers. Our commitment is to evolve into a retail business that offers SMART Life Solutions, addressing various facets of our customers’ lifestyles. In collaboration with business partners, we are enhancing branch services and introducing innovative offerings that elevate the level of convenience to higher heights, resulting in even smarter shopping experiences at Lotus’s. This proactive approach is driven by the continuous growth of E-Commerce, where an increasing number of consumers opt for online platforms, and as a result, online retail businesses are increasingly reliant on parcel delivery services.

Leveraging our extensive network of over 2,300 branches across the country, Lotus’s is working diligently to enhance the accessibility and convenience of parcel delivery services for local communities. And in this strategic partnership with Kerry Express, we have established Kerry Express’ service points at every Lotus’s branch, including Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, and Mini supermarkets like Lotus’s GO Fresh. Our ultimate goal is for Lotus’s to become a central hub that significantly enhances convenience for the community, catering to a diverse array of lifestyle needs and meeting the demands of both valued customers and online retail businesses, facilitated through Kerry Express’ Drop-off service, available during each branch’s operating hours. Lotus’s is steady in our dedication to moving forward, cooperating with various business partners to enhance services that resonate with the preferences and demands of the newer generations, ensuring our customers feel good every day at Lotus’s.”