Kerry Express Partners with Central Investigation Bureau for Year 3 of “Kerry Express Safe Driving and Traffic Discipline Promotion” Project

Kerry Express Company Limited (Thailand), or KEX, Thailand’s leading express parcel delivery service provider, led by Mr. Warawut Natpradith, Deputy CEO of Kerry Express,teamed up with the Central Investigation Bureau, or CIB, headed by Police Major General Chat Sukkaewnarong, Deputy Commander of CIB, to continue the “Kerry Express Safe Driving and Traffic Discipline Promotion” project for the third consecutive year. This marked the first-ever collaboration with the CIB to train Kerry Express parcel delivery personnel in road safety awareness, aiming to significantly reduce accidents, injuries, and loss of life and property on the roadways.


The “Kerry Express Safe Driving and Traffic Discipline Promotion” project is organized to offer comprehensive training to team leaders and drivers alike. This training aims to impart a deep understanding of proper and safe driving practices in accordance with traffic regulations. It equips participants with the necessary skills to assess and address fundamental vehicle readiness issues, respond effectively in the event of accidents, and extend assistance to others in the event of emergencies. Ultimately, this initiative ensures that Kerry Express parcel delivery personnel can carry out their duties safely and efficiently on the roads.

In addition to providing comprehensive road safety training for its employees, Kerry Express places great emphasis on extending this knowledge to the general public who share the roadways. This commitment includes offering courses on accident prevention, basic first aid and CPR, basic firefighting, among many others. Furthermore, in the future, Kerry Express has plans to conduct regular online road safety training sessions for its parcel delivery personnel across the nation on a weekly basis. These efforts are aimed at further bolstering confidence in the safety of their express parcel delivery service. The dedication to road safety remains a top priority for Kerry Express.

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