Kerry Express introduces “Kerry Wallet” and taps in users' social lifestyle, supported by SABUY Technology for e-commerce/social commerce business expansion

20 Aug 2021

Mr. Alex Ng, CEO of Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited. or KEX, the leading express delivery in Thailand, announced that KEX has partnered with Sabuy Technology PCL. or SABUY to develop Kerry Wallet. The e-wallet will be a part of the e-commerce/social commerce which continue to grow in Thailand and will serve the online lifestyle of customer. The Kerry Wallet is supported by SABUY technology and will be launched in Q4 of 2021. 

Kerry Wallet will be a major platform that support and drive company’s growth. KEX targets Kerry Wallet to eventually become a system which serve KEX’s frequent users as well as people looking social and electronic lifestyle. KEX expects Kerry Wallet, apart from being a new product, will have great synergies with all payment solutions offered by its shareholders (VGI and Rabbit), partners and customers. This vision echoes KEX’s strategy as a neutral open business platform.

“Kerry Wallet will add more channels for Kerry’s customer base of more than 10 million Monthly Active Users, who made payment at the service point or paying through the courier’s Cash on Delivery (COD) service.  Kerry Express will provide more payment channel, apart from Prompt Pay, QR Code and Rabbit Line Pay. Kerry Wallet is supported by SABUY technology and expected to launch in Q4 of this year.”, Mr. Alex mentioned. 

Furthermore, Kerry also adds more top-up via the system in SABUY platform, with more than 56,000 top-up machines Termsabuy Plus nationwide and 100,000 points of SABUY’s partners, including in the store of ShipSmile and another 4,000 parcel service points nationwide. KEX targets Kerry Wallet to eventually become an “open system” which serve KEX’s frequent users as well as people looking social and electronic lifestyle. KEX and SABUY also welcome partners to join the development of Kerry Wallet which makes it a better and cool product.

“Kerry Wallet is another innovation of KEX after being the first company to launch COD (Cash On Delivery), LOD (LinePay On Delivery), QROD (QR Payment On Delivery) and many other financial and money-handling products.  Today, KEX is the country’s biggest money collector.”, Mr. Alex added.

Mr. Chookiat Rujanapornpaje, Chief Executive Officer of SABUY Technology Public Company Limited, further revealed the collaboration. “It’s our pleasure that KERRY Express has decided to partner with SABUY Group launching the KERRY Wallet service this time. This collaboration will increase the opportunity to access products and services of the SABUY group to online merchants and all KERRY’s customers. Furthermore, the customers of KERRY Wallet can also use SABUY Ecosystem as an added value. For example, KERRY Wallet can buy products from “Vending Plus machines” installed in department stores, factories, and various community areas. Spending at food courts in Lotus’s and department stores nationwide, also in food courts that are in the SABUY group ecosystem, including merchants/customers in SABUY POS systems and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) of SABUY’s partners. Launching the service, SABUY and KERRY are in the process of applying for permission. It is expected to be available in the 4th quarter of this year.