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Client Testimonials

Owner of Sitthawong Orange Farm “I used Kerry pick-up service from Ampher Fang, Chaingmai. I was very impressed by the staff. Fast delivery and good service.”
K. Peter Kopitz
Group COO - aCommerce Kerry Express has been providing express delivery services to our company for over 4 years now. Kerry Express really understands the business and is doing an outstanding job in delivering on their promises. Looking forward to a long continuous partnership, we could not accomplish our goals without them.
CEO - Perfect Life Network Co.,Ltd. “Since I have started to use Kerry Express service more than 3 years ago, I have been very impressed by its service as delivery is fast and parcels always arrive on time. Kerry Express service is exactly the same as its motto “ Next-Day delivery, Anywhere in Thailand, Services Guaranteed.”
Owner of Progame shop“Very impressed since my first time using Kerry Express service. Very fast delivery and my customers are very happy. Kerry Express helps increase my online revenue significantly.”
CFO True GS Co.,Ltd. “We choose Kerry Express, the market-leading parcel delivery service company in Thailand, as we trust in their parcel handling standard and services. With every process being taken care of, we have confidence that Kerry Express can do deliveries to the right place with accuracy and, with the same belief as True Select, has commitment to every customer in every area in Thailand.”